Privacy Policy


There’s not much to talk about here.

I don’t really collect any of your information. For the most part I have comments disabled on my posts as I don’t really have time to chat–nor am I looking to build a following.

This is just a personal blog which I can ramble on about whatever comes to my mind in regards to landscaping and gardening and Crape Myrtles (my favorite plant).

If by chance you do contact me in some way, either by using the contact form on the contact us page or through a blog comment (if I choose to open comments on an article I post), then I suppose I’ll have received your email address and name as well as your IP address.

What I Do With Information I Collect

Nothing. It just sits in my WordPress Dashboard area and I don’t do anything with the information I collect from you.

If you have any questions about this policy, please use the contact form on my contact page.

Thanks for visiting,