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Driftwood Landscaping: The New Trend

Driftwood is the additional material for any landscaping idea. It is easy to incorporate driftwood to the natural environment. It naturally compliments the elements of your garden, enhancing the landscape more.

landscapingIt can easily be sanded, carved or finished in order to achieve the texture, look and shape you want. Whether you plan to make small projects like a birdhouse or larger projects such as sculptures or furniture for your yard, with driftwood you can definitely have products that are unique.

Landscape Functions of Driftwood

  • You can use driftwood to create planters, add orchids, bromeliads and airplants. You can then attach it to a tree or wall and for days, monitor how these plants make its way to the crevices and cracks of the wood. In just a few weeks your wall will be covered with flowers and shoots that add to the beauty of your landscape.
  • Place a large piece of driftwood in an area of your yard which seems to have been overlooked before or seems to have no purpose. You can also surround the driftwood with wild flowers and sea grass. In due time, you will have a sculpture that looks natural on that spot.
  • If you have a water feature such as pond or water fountain, adding driftwood will give it a natural look. It can also be used as an appealing and unique water fountain if you use your creativity and the right tools.
  • Make a DIY mailbox by binding together long driftwood pieces and then attaching a box at the end. You can also create a DIY chandelier from driftwood’s thin pieces and use it for outdoor hanging. You can use candles, veins and pretty flowers to achieve the chandelier look.
  • You can also have retaining walls for flower beds using 8-inch linear driftwood pieces and then gently sink them to the ground. You can also create large ones using large logs of driftwood.
  • Thick driftwood pieces can also be used as benches or chairs. Make sure to place them in strategic places in your garden. Add a driftwood table so you can read a book while having your hot coffee in your garden.
  • Archway made from driftwood can make an elegant entrance to your garden. You friends or guests will be really impressed by having this kind of welcome.
  • DIY wind chimes from driftwood arealso possible. Hang different sizes of driftwood on the fishing line and then suspend them on driftwood. Every time the wind blows, the clanking of the driftwood makes you feel relaxed.
  • Get a planter box, attach driftwood pieces and then add some moss in between the cracks.  Instantly, you have an attractive flower box for your flowers.

There are endless possibilities using driftwood as a landscaping material to beautify your yard. With creativity, driftwood can be anything you want for your garden to make it look more beautiful and breathtaking.

Published: June 10, 2013

Concrete Landscaping 101: Improving your Garden

Every time you hear “concrete” you usually think about buildings or construction sites. How about landscaping? No, maybe not.

It might not have crossed your mind but concrete landscaping has existed for more than a decade now. You can utilize concrete to your landscaping ideas and use it in different applications in your yard.

Walkways and Paths

 landscapingLandscape designers use concrete sidewalks as an enhancing feature for path and walkways that wind its way through your yard. Another beautiful option for homeowners would be a concrete patio that is stamped.

Stamping is the process of concrete being impressed before it becomes a set of varying patterns such as bricks and stones. Colors are also added to bring more realism and depth. For larger yards, an exposed aggregate can be a good option.

Stone Walls

This is another form of landscaping using concrete. These walls will serve as boundary for your property, framing your home.

They are beautiful and improve your backyard in three views – side, front and back. They are also used to keep your pet safe inside your property and provide a solid wall to keep the burglars out.

Concrete Functions

There are essential functions of concrete. One, it holds the soil in place. Two, it separates the landscaped areas from the grass. Three, if a part of your yard is about to slip or wash out, you can use concrete to build a retention wall to prevent it from happening.

Concrete does not only have these functions but they also enhance the overall landscape. There are a lot of ways that concrete can be associated with landscaping because they are easily to deal with.

Pre-cast concrete blocks can still be used either for decorative or retaining purposes. It can even be used to build a BBQ pit.

There are several manufacturers who sell customized concrete stones that are unique and appealing. They are available in varying colors, patterns shape and textures.

Concrete landscaping also adds an elegant feel in your garden and simply adding them along with landscape decorationscould bring good results. Also they are not quite expensive, so it will surely fit your budget.

Just looking at your beautiful landscape garden can make you feel relaxed and proud at the same time. All those ideas you have in mind can come to life if you put effort into it and of course, your creativity.

So take time to visit garden improvement stores and see what they have in store for concrete landscaping that you can creatively use in your backyard. You might be surprised on what you may find.

Published: June 8, 2013

Tips to Start Your Landscaping for the First Time

Landscaping is not about cutting off your trees and installing a wide pool. Landscaping is not also about placing the right plant in the right place and then just let it be. Landscaping is all about using your yard space in the most creative way to make it more appealing.


If it’s your first time to try landscaping for your garden, then you should know a few things that you might want to considering improving the look of your garden. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional landscape designer, it is essential that you have full understanding of these three concepts.


In planning and designing your landscape, you have to work with the available space. You have to consider the part of your yard that hasn’t been enhanced yet like your front yard. You can create a footpath that makes its way from your front door all the way though the gazebo. Through this, you can make your yard feel larger.

If you feel that your garden is too open for your neighbors, you can use planters or islands to make it more private. You can also use slate stones and then let the trees in between the cracks. Pay attention to the space available and make improvements. You will be amazed how simple enhancements can make a difference.

Be resourceful and make use of space as much as possible, like knocking down walls of your garage. Clean it up and instantly, you will have a patio or a perfect place to have your BBQ party. You can also extend the pool wall to create a shielded patio or bring the wall closer to the pool for a waterfall. Use your imagination and try to picture your yard as a space where your ideas can come true.


Of course as homeowners we want to improve our garden and make it even look better especially if we are considering selling our homes in the future. No doubt, proper landscaping can enhance the aesthetic of your property and also increases your property value.

If you plan to sell your house, landscape increases its value in the market and makes it very appealing to buyers. Although a clean house can attract a few, a well-planned landscaping is the key to make the buyers say “YES” to your property. All your efforts will be worth it if it can make an appealing impact on people.


The need or the whole purpose of having a landscape is the glue that holds your ideas and money together. Making use of the space available to you is an essential step but the need for improvement will keep you motivated to keep going. There might be a need to impress your visitors and neighbors but it is all about the need to impress yourself. Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up in the morning, go to your patio and when you look around, you see the beautiful product of all your efforts and without a clear reason why, you start to smile?

Considering these three concepts for your landscaping could bring you amazing results both for today and for the future. So get out there and start planning your dream landscape!

Published: June 7, 2013

Tips for Backyard Landscaping

When planning a landscaping project for your backyard, you will have several things to consider that you don’t often worry about in your front yard. To start with, the backyard is where you typically want a little more privacy as this is often where people spend their time when they are outside. You’ll also want to have a little more flexibility as you don’t have to worry as much about what other people think of the choices you made since it is in a less visible area.home landscaping

It is often best to start your planning along the property line of your yard as this is one of the most important areas. Choosing items which will help increase your privacy and help add beauty to your home is important here. Whether you choose to add a fence or not, you want to make sure the items you choose will match the look of your home, while securing your privacy at the same time.

With this in mind, choosing large bushes and trees is often an ideal option. These natural barriers will help block the view in and out of your yard without looking tacky or cause any other problems.


One of the things most people love about having a private backyard is that they can relax outside and enjoy the great outdoors. With this in mind, you’ll want to add some things to your landscaping project for you to use while you’re out there. Most people will at least want to put some patio furniture to sit on and maybe a table so you can have outdoor meals when you want to.

Another popular addition to any backyard project is a nice hammock which you can lay in while enjoying a beautiful summer day. If you really love the outdoors you can invest in an outdoor music system so you can have your favorite songs playing in the background while you enjoy your yard.


Another thing that many people want to see when they look out at their backyard is a nice beautiful landscape. One of the best ways to do this is by adding flowers throughout your yard. While you can plant some flowers which will look great all year, it is also smart to choose plants which only flower at specific times each season. This will keep your yard changing throughout the year so you never really get bored with the way it looks.

Choosing a variety of different plants will mean that as the year goes by you’ll get to enjoy different types of flowers. This is not only great because of the excellent way they look, but also the way these flowers smell.

Many of these types of plants have fragrant scent to them and since they are changing throughout the year,you will have abeautiful and fragrant-smelling backyard which you can relax to while enjoying a good book, sharing a lazy afternoon with your family, sharing meaningful conversation of friends – just about anything that makes you enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Published: May 27, 2013

Attracting Wildlife to Your Yard

wildlife in yardFor many people, one of the best things about looking out on their property is seeing a variety of different types of wildlife coming in and out. Whether it is small animals like birds and squirrels, raccoons or even large animals like a deer, there are ways to help attract a diverse set of wildlife to your yard by planting specific types of plants or adding in different objects to your yard.

There are also ways to help discourage wildlife from coming to your yard if you don’t like certain types of animals. There are many different products on the market designed specifically to either bring animals to your yard or keep them away. The secret is to have the idea of what you need to attract or keep away wildlife.

Managing Wildlife

Keeping your property looking great is important for most people, and while animals can add some diversity to the landscape, they can also wreck many different types of plants and other landscaping items quickly. With this in mind, it is important to give careful thought to your entire project before getting started.

Welcoming the Wildlife

If you like the animals coming to your yard, you need to make sure that you take that into account when choosing the plants and other items to use in the area. Providing them with sufficient food to keep them from wanting to eat the plants you don’t want to be damaged is one good idea. For many animals such as birds, you can easily add a variety of bird feeders which are much easier for them to enjoy rather than have them digging through your yard for worms.

Sneaking Wildlife in with Food

For larger animals such as raccoons, you can provide them with specific areas to eat. These types of animals will eat a wide range of things including table scraps. Just keep in mind that they are wild animals and even if they look cute and cuddly, they can quickly become aggressive if they feel threatened. Encouraging this type of animal to visit your yard can be a problem because if they don’t find the food they are looking for, they may begin searching in garbage cans and other areas which can create a mess in your yard or garden.

wildlifeEven Wildlife Loves a Snack

Finally, large animals such as deer would love to stop by for a snack. Planting things such as fruit trees and bushes that offer food at a level which they can reach is a great option. Some people even plant gardens specifically for deer, including things like corn and beats will get these beautiful animals interested.

Published: April 25, 2013