Most Common Injuries When Gardening



Gardening is very, very hard work. You need to be well-conditioned and strong enough to handle the heat and exhaustion. If you have a bigger garden, then that’s a bigger problem. Nevertheless, the reward for doing such strenuous obligations can make your garden look like Japanese style. As long as you’re willing to go on, the results are worth it.


However, there are things we can’t definitely avoid: injuries. Everywhere you go, from inside your house to your workplace, there will always be a potential risk for injury. By the time it happens to you, then you’re going to have a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad month or even, a bad year.


That is why you need to prepare yourself at all time in case something goes wrong. You can learn how to prepare yourselves by reading brochures, watching TV programs, etc. Knowledge will always be power.


In order to know how to solve the problem, first recognize that there is one. Injuries are mostly caused by proper education and teaching. If you think you’re one of those who don’t know about common gardening injuries, better read on an take notes if you really want to.


Back Pain

There is nothing more common that back pain while gardening. Gardening requires a lot of repetitive motion which can give strain on your back. According to personal injury lawyers in Toronto, this is one root injury that can lead to more severe ones such as fractures or even muscle tears. When digging or cutting grass, it’s best to take a few minutes rest to prevent muscle spasms.


You don’t want to have stiff neck if you’re in the mood to kiss your girl don’t you?


Knee Bursitis

Another injury that commonly happens when gardening would be bursitis of the knee. It is caused by inflammation of the bursas, which are fluid-filled sacs that maintain knee movement and flexibility. Gardeners are more prone to these injuries due to repetitive kneeling. This causes an increase in pressure leading to inflammation. To prevent this, using protection such as knee pads are essential.


Another way to prevent bursitis of the knees is to take regular breaks from too much kneeling. Stand up for a few minutes to rejuvenate bursa for the next strenuous movement.


Shoulder Injuries

Your hands are very important tools for everyday tasks, and gardening is one of those. You ned to have a strong shoulder to carry heavy loads like sacks of soil, fertilizer, wheelbarrows with tools and a lot more heavy equipment. There are instances however when somebody overworks his or her shoulder, resulting to severe injury. You can get your joints dislocated, bones broken, ruptured muscles and muscle strain.


One of the ways to prevent shoulder injuries is to take a break and do some overhead range of motion exercises. Never forget to maintain physical fitness to prevent injuries too. Being physically fit reduces your risk for muscle, bone and joint damage. Now is the time to be one strong gardener.