Fill that Empty Space

It’s always nice to live in a relaxing place. A home where you can breathe in fresh air, hear the chirping birds and see a verdant view. Tired of that boring, lifeless and stodgy surrounding? Make your house look appealing.

Here are a few steps in making that naturally beautiful view.


Plant Trees

A tree is known to be a perennial plant with lots of benefits. It gives everyone the feeling of being relaxed. Its shade can save your house and lawn from the direct rays of the sun.

It’s better to have trees at home because it promotes a cooler setting. Trees play a significant role in moderating climate. They remove carbon dioxide from the air and store carbon in their trunk.

It also helps in preventing soil erosion which is best for houses that are located near steep cliffs. Below the ground, its roots spread around and anchor the tree to the soil.

If you don’t want huge-trunk trees to be in your garden, you can make use of palm trees. They are smaller yet they can still provide shade. They look more elegant and can really make a difference in the ambiance of your house.

The best thing about trees is it can produce fruits. Planting it in your backyard will let you save money from buying apples and oranges from the grocery store. It is cost effective and health wise.

Some trees have flowers that look appealing. Flowers can sometimes have a sweet scent that can relieve your stress from work. They can serve as an ornamental design while giving you other benefits.

Plant Flowers

Flowers are the most well-known ornamentals. They bloom in the garden on many different colors and shape. It provides a good milieu especially for newlywed couples.

Flowers have a lot of benefits today. We can use it in weddings as decorations on the church, inside the house as decorations for parties and as tokens of love.

Some flowers such as chrysanthemum, carnation, cattail, honeysuckle, cornflower, sunflower, canna and chicory are edible. Even squash flowers are fried with breadcrumbs. You can fill up your garden with these edible but beautiful plants.

Although not well-known, flowers can be made into herbal teas. Chrysanthemum, jasmine, chamomile and rose are dried and infused into tea. Their medical property, fragrance and aroma have been found to be beneficial to the human body.

Grow Grasses

Grasses are herbaceous plants that are usually planted in the garden or lawn. They provide that green look and a nice place to have picnic during your free day.

There are many types of grasses – cereals, bamboo, lawn grasses and grasslands. You should choose what perfectly fits your lawn. Lawn grasses are shorter compared to those in the grasslands.

Do not cover all of the area; leave a space for some flowers and a pond.

Grasses are the main sources of food for human and animals. Humans eat rice and barley while animals like cows benefit from the grasslands. Birds rely on the seed blend on lawn grasses.

If you have children at home, grasses provide a hazard free play ground for them. Compared to cement pavements, grasses are good shock absorbers.

Landscaping that Suits YouMake a Pond with Lilies and Fishes

Ponds are man-made bodies of water. It provides a good feature in your garden.

Some people use ponds to visualize water creatures such as fishes. They are collecting koi, goldfish or other fishes that can live in fresh waters.

Lilies can do the trick. It can add up to the refreshing view of your house. Come to think of a small body of water with fishes and lilies on it. It looks invigorating.

Add up Tables and Chairs

If you have leisure time, you can add up tables and chairs so that you or your visitors can lounge in in your garden. Choose earthly colors to blend in your garden.

You can enjoy your favorite drink or read an interesting book while sitting in a rocking chair or lying in a hammock. It’s your time to commune with nature so make the most of it.