About Us

vegasThis blog is about my ventures as a landscaper in Las Vegas, NV and my love of Crape Myrtles.

I retired from landscaping back in 2005 but I still love gardening and I’m always toying around with designs and plants in my front and back yards. I use to work a little with Tom, who creates elegant Las Vegas landscaping modern designs.

Through the years I’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep your garden thriving and colorful throughout the year… even in extreme temperature changes (for plants) in places like southern Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

These places can get quite hot in the summer time and freezing cold in the winter. How in the heck are you supposed to know then what plants you can plant in your yard without them dying in the winter or summer time?

Keeping it Pretty All Year Around

It’s a real task and with a little bit of knowledge, you can keep your yard looking beautiful all year around.

On this site you’ll learn a little about perennials and annuals.


These perennial plants are great to grow in places like Las Vegas, Nevada because in the summer time they bloom (Spring, actually) and in the winter they appear to die away. But they aren’t really dead…

They just look like it.

Then in the spring again they come back to life.

This will save you some costs on having to always buy new plants each year.


Annuals are plants which you plant in the spring and then eventually will die away. They are kind of a short term plant.

You can find inexpensive annuals each year which will give your landscape a real “pop” in the spring which will make your yard look really nice.

Saving Crape Myrtles


Over the years I’ve come to love crape myrtles. What I have found is that people don’t really understand how to take care of this plant.

On this site you’ll learn a lot about Crape Myrtles and how to not butcher them when pruning them. It takes a skilled hand to shape them up the way you want.

So if you’re interested, subscribe to my blog and let’s chat.